Fairy  released her first face painting video in 2000. It was a great learning experience, and has inspired her to produce another one. So watch out for the ‘sequel’ towards the middle of 2001.

KFB’s New Caravan

What fun we had with our friends at Aussie Sign's painting our fantastic “celebrity’s trailer”. We've taken it on tour and it causes a  sensation on the road.

There have been strange reports of other drivers suffering eye-damage after viewing the dazzling apparition, but Fairy and  Miss Deb deny all responsibility.

Oenpelli Circus classes

Miss Deb was involved in a history making event in her Circus classes at Oenpelli. She was priveliged to teach the first pig to  ever enter a circus class! (Babe eat your heart out).

Kidsafe Shows

This year saw a 2nd tour of the Kidsafe shows with glowing reports from all who attended. Suprise, suprise the monster is still alive (survived another year).

Katherine Show

Kidz Fun Biz have wowed Katherine Show-goers, who now consider their performance a highlight of the Katherine Show. Dotty did very well in the main arena dog jumping competition, much to the crowd’s delight. Needless to say, the KFB crew have been invited back for next year.

Stage Antics

  • Miss Deb survived being hit in the head with a limbo-stick by Dotty. Twice in one show!!!
  • Dotty got a bit carried away during a performance at Gove (hard to believe isn’t it?), and Miss Deb ended up having to restrain her with a leash. Dotty is still getting over the indignity.
  • Dotty, whilst kicking up into a handstand kicked Miss Deb fair and square in the head almost knocking her out on  stage. (Miss Deb is considering asking for danger money for future performances).
  • Miss Deb threw a plate at..I mean to the fairy, at the Teddy Bears Picnic. Fairy missed catching the china plate and was  hit in the head!!! Ouch!!!

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