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A Brief Herstory
Kidz Fun Biz began with Angie Sublime, Lindy–Loo Masters (of Eclipse Duo fame) Chantal ‘The Fairy’ Munro and Miss Deb Hyder. The concept was born out of a series of holiday entertainment programs Angie was commissioned to organise for Darwin City Promotions.

After working together for two years, KFB experienced a huge change with the move to Brisbane of Angie Sublime and Lindy-Loo Masters. With their move came the establishment of KFB Eastern Division & Northern Division.

Angie and Linda performed some of the shows developed in Darwin as well as introdued new shows and new characters like “Woogie The Koala” and the Woogie Boogie. Meanwhile, Chantal and Miss Deb (of the Northern Division) became caught up in a whirlwind of creative momentum which saw them develop a whole new range of shows as well as the concept of “Education through Entertainment” of which they coined “Edutainment”. Based in Darwin, Chantal and Debbie use their ever growing experiences to constantly develop new themes and shows to meet the demands of the children and the organisations who book them.

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“Superbly organised, superbly entertaining, educational and just oozing with many positive benefits for our students, staff, school and community. Highly recommended!”
Principal - Minyerri Primary School

Kidz Fun Biz - Brief History

Darwin’s entertaining group, Kidz Fun Biz have developed a very unique and successful style of children’s entertainment that is found nowhere else in the industry. In particular, they have combined their diverse array of skills to develop entertaining concerts and self-development programs based on educational concepts and moral values. The proven results of Kidz Fun Biz concerts and self-development programs in dozens of primary and secondary schools signifies the benefits of ‘education through entertainment’. In 2004 Kidz Fun Biz received a community grant from the N.T. Road Safety Council to subsidise a tour of their Road and Train Safety Program through a number of Territory schools in early 2005.

Kidz Fun Biz is comprised of Darwin’s foremost professional childrens entertainers, Chantal the Fairy and the Amazing Miss Deb. These two performers have worked together for the last 7 years, bringing together many past years of education/entertaining experience throughout Australia. This dynamic duo cater for all schools and community events throughout the Northern Territory, including those in regional and remote areas. Kidz Fun Biz are now also working internationally.

Their diverse array of skills, costumes and characters make them the perfect choice for any function, from a one-off concert through to regular ongoing entertainment or development programs. Some of the Kidz Fun Biz characters include Spike the echidna, Chantal ‘the fairy’, Ranger Deb, Merlina the Chook, The Amazing Miss Deb, Dotty the Dalmatian, the Traffic Monster, Traffic Buster and Smarty Squidfeatures. Candy the Wonderdog (a real Jack-Russell dog) frequently steals the show when she performs with some of the characters above.

The Amazing Miss Deb
*World Champion Unicyclist*
Debbie was born in Darwin in 1974, learnt to ride a unicycle at age 8 and began publicly performing her skills at age 12. Debbie is now a true circus star, having toured professionally with “Robinson’s’ Great International Circus”, performing around Australia and broadening her skills to include solo trapeze, tightrope-walking, slackrope, rollerboard, juggling, diabolo, tricky sticks, poi, balloon modeling, and the ultimate wheel. Debbie has completed a Certificate II in Circus instruction as well as a level one sports trainers certificate through Wodonga TAFE and The Flying Fruit Fly Circus.

Debbie won the NT Young Australian of the Year awards – Arts Category (2001) for her passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the community through her chosen profession. Continually striving for self development Debbie self-funded a 3week visit to England (2002) where she participated in the annual British Unicycle Convention as well as other circus workshops. This dedicated performance artist/circus instructor also participated in the Tasmanian Circus Festival (March 2003) to develop more circus skills. Debbie recognises the many benefits of circus activities for youth (and adults) and is keen to pass on her knowledge and skills to other  people.

Four of Debbie’s regular Circus students travelled with her to Canberra (October 2003) to participate in the Australian Unicycle National Championships. All four students won awards/placings at the championships. Debbie’s placings at the Australian championships in the women’s open category include:
1st placing: Mountain Unicycling (Muni), 25m wheel walk, obstacle course, 10m slow board forward, 10m slow board backward and 50m ride and juggle
2nd placing: 400m, 800m, 100m, 50m backwards and Individual freestyle
3rd placing: 10km unicycle marathon

Debbie has taught and encouraging hundreds of people within the Northern Territory to take up unicycling as a hobby or sport, and has subsequently instigated the development of the NT’s first unicycle club, The Unicycling Association of the NT (UniANT). Debbie helped coordinate UniANT’s successful bid to host the next Unicycle National Championships in Darwin ( July 2005).

Introducing unicycling and other circus activities into a school or community encourages the development of new activities for youth. These activities are specifically designed to develop skills, improve self-confidence and promote cooperation. Enhanced coordination and motor skills are another benefit as a result of many ‘crossing the midline’ movements. Ultimately, circus in schools and communities provides the young people with new and healthy activities that will develop their skills whilst they participate in an enjoyable past time. Debbie encourages students and teachers alike to learn the techniques of making circus equipment by recycling household materials as well as utilising bush resources where possible.

Circus activities appeal to a wide audience and the only prerequisite to participate is enthusiasm. The Kidz Fun Biz circus workshop programs have been implemented in dozens of schools with overwhelming success and the NT Department of Employment, Education and Training has now endorsed their school based programs (2004). The department encourages NT School Principals to explore the outcomes the Kidz Fun Biz programs will deliver for students.

Debbie’s further accolades include a fellowship from the prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to undertake international professional development for 10 weeks in 2004. On her journey Debbie unicycling her way through America, England, Germany, Hong Kong and finally Japan where she won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals/trophis at the 12th International Unicycle Convention and World Championships (UNICON XII). Debbie is now recognised as a world champion unicyclist and is an inspiration to other Australians. Her achievements at the World Unicycle Championships in July/August 2004 include:
Age Category – Womens (30-45years)
1stMuni-Downhill, Muni-Cross Country, Muni-Uphill, Obstacle Course, Forward Slow, Trials, Long Jump, High Jump, 1500m 700c Unlimited Wheel
2nd 800m
3rd400m, 30m Wheel Walk, 50m One-Foot
4th10km Marathon
Expert Category – Women (all ages)
Equal 2nd Trials
3rd Muni-Downhill
4th Muni-Cross Country

Chantal The Fairy
Chantal was nominated for the NT Citizen of the year 2000 awards, accredited for developing the childrens entertainment industry in Darwin. Chantal is a fantastic entertainer as well as a world class face painter. The demand for Chantal’s face painting techniques inspired her to design and publish her first book in 1998, ‘Face Art – a face painters guide’. Matisse Derivan (Australia’s leading fine arts paint specialists) acknowledge Chantal as their official face painter, and the company are internationally distributing her book. Due to outstanding success of this first book (the best selling Face painting book at the Sydney 2000 Olympics), Chantal has published a new edition and has recently produced a ‘train the trainer’ face painting video and CD ROM. Chantal also spends time developing childrens story books. Chantal represented Australia at the World Face Painting Convention in Orlando,

Staff and students benefited greatly from the energy and skills Kidz Fun Biz brought to our community and we look forward to having them back again next year”
Deputy Principal - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Port Keats

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