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Lessons are based on physical activities and by learning new skills students develop their confidence and self-esteem.
Circus Class

Activities are designed to improve hand/eye co-ordination; enhance dexterity and balance; develop motor skills; and promote student co-operation. All levels of physical ability are catered for with the only prerequisite being enthusiasm.

Students in communities always perform in a community concert after the workshops and students in local workshops often perform at public functions.
All students develop a strong community awarenes. Debbie as well as teachers and parents alike are amazed at the rate the students develop self-confidence

Miss Deb feels deeply honoured to be awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship. The Fellowship will provide an opportunity for her professional development and hence the further development of unicycling and circus activities in the Territory (and Australia). Miss Deb will participate in circus activities and unicycle events in the US, England, Germany and Japan in June-July 2004. She aims establish new and exciting activities for youth throughout the Territory.

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Some students are now training for the 2007 Australian Unicycle Championships (Sydney) and others are training for the 2006 WORLD Unicycle Championships (Unicon 13 - Switzerland, July 23 - August 2 2006).

Debbie regularly co-ordinates and instructs circus workshop programs catering for students from age 8-18years in the Darwin, Palmerson and the Rural Area. Classes for Adults began in January 2004, however are not conducted on a regular basis.

Submit your enrolment now (by using the link “enrol for classes” on the left) to secure a position in the classes and Debbie will contact you with further details.

SORRY, NO CIRCUS CLASSES IN 2006 (as Miss Deb is on Maternity Leave) but see the schedule at
www.unicyclingnt.com for the next public unicycle rides and practice sessions.
Debbie sometimes also coordinates holiday programs with weekly workshops over a 4-6 week period.Click here to register your name/childs name on a list to be notified when a position is available to participate in one of Debbies school term or holiday programs. Fees are $16.00 per class per student. For further details please phone Debbie.
Note. Classes are often full so please contact Debbie ASAP if you wish to participate/have your child participate in a program. Enrolments are on a first come first enrolled basis so please contact Debbie ASAP if you wish to continue with workshops into another term or enrol as a new student.

Circus classes were introduced to Darwin by Debbie Hyder as an extra-curricular activity in 1998. Interest in the program developed, and Debbie integrated circus workshops into schools on an individual basis for physical education and drama classes. Where trialed in local and rural area schools these workshops proved extremely popular and successful, meeting many of the school curriculum strand requirements and gaining the approval of students, parents and teachers alike.

  • · The success of the local circus workshops inspired Debbie to develop a program specifically designed for communities. A Queens Trust Grant provided some of the financial resources to allow Debbie’s first week long community program to be trialed in Oenpelli in 1999.
  • · Support from the NT Government in 1999 in the form of a $5000 grant, assisted in the development of educational texts and videos to further the educational content of the still developing community circus educational program.
  • · A Commonwealth Government ‘Emerging Artists Initiative’ grant assisted Debbie to further her experiences and qualifications by studying at the Flying Fruity Fly Circus and Wodonga TAFE (2000 & 2001) to achieve a Certificate in Circus Instruction and Sports Medicine level 1 qualification, and gain experience with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts in Darwin.
  • · In 2001, Chantal ‘The Fairy’ Munro (Darwin’s most popular and renowned children’s entertainer) joined the circus workshop programs. Her world class face painting, clowning and acting skills, as well as her other artistic/creative talents and life experiences, offered enormous benefit to the circus programs.
  • · Debbie and Chantal toured to numerous remote Aboriginal Community schools implementing their ‘Join the Circus Program’ in 2001. These schools included Belyuen, Port Keats, Palumpa, Daly River and Minyerri.
  • · The overwhelming success of the Join the Circus program and experiences gained on these tours, inspired Debbie & Chantal to develop a new program “Sowing the Seeds”, to incorporate bullying and health issues.
  • · In April 2002, Debbie self funded a trip to the United Kingdom to skill-share with a UK circus instructor and attend the British Unicycle Convention where she participated in Unicycle Racing, Unicycle Hockey and Basketball. Throughout the year 2002 Debbie will be looking for keen unicyclists to become part of Darwin’s first Unicycle Hockey Team. This team will demonstrate unicycle hockey at public functions and will specifically aim to create awareness of the importance of wearing safety equipment when on any cycle, with one or two wheels! The NT Road Safety Council, through their community grants scheme supported by TIO, funded the purchase of all of the unicycle hockey teams safety equipment.
  • · May 2002 saw Chantal and Debbie tour to Minyerri School and Ngukurr Community Education Centre to deliver the first of the “Sowing the Seeds” programs. Both communities were overwhelmed with the obvious outcomes and positive results achieved by the program.
  • · Debbie & Chantal are endeavouring to visit many more schools with their “Sowing the Seeds” program and are currently drafting a document identifying how the program fits in perfectly with the new School Curriculum and the EsseNTial Learnings.
  • · Debbie self funded a trip to the Tasmanian Circus Festival (March 8th-10th 2003) to mix with over 60 circus performers/instructers/street performers to further develop her performing and teaching skills.
  • · 7th April 2003 saw the beginning of an era for unicycling in Darwin. Debbie organised a 1.5km unicylce ride with 9 unicyclists. The first organised unicycle ride in Darwin and the Northern Territory! A very successful ride with the more experienced riders helping the less experienced
  • · May 2003 - Debbie’s Term 2 circus workshops at Moil and Humpty Doo Primary Schools were the most successful of all of here workshops, with full classes of students who achieving magnificent results. With Debbie unavailable to run workshops each term due to touring commitments, she will now establish the Northern Territory’s first Unicycle Club. This will provide a means for all of her circus students to keep in touch and share their skills over a long term basis. It will also provide an opportunity to develop new and exciting sports for the youth of Darwin. Sports that have never been available here before such as unicylce marathons, unicycle hockey, unicycle basketball, cross country unicycling, artistic unicycling and extreme unicycling.
  • · May 2003 - The next unicycle ride is not to far away, so if you are interested in coming along contact Debbie. If you wish to participate you will need to be able to mount a unicyle easily whilst holding onto someones shoulder and ride at least 30 meters in tandem without falling off.
  • · 6/7/03 - The first meeting was held regarding establishing the NT’s first unicycle association. It was decided it would be called the “Unicycling Association of the Northern Territory” (UniANT).
  • · 12/5/04 - The second meeting was held to discuss the development of UniANT - next proposed meeting is in August 04
  • · 25/5/04 - Miss Deb left to travel the world to study unicycling and circus activities on a Winston Churchill Fellowship funded trip. At the end of this 10 week journey, Debbie competed at the 12th World Unicycle Championships in Tokyo, Japan and won many gold, silver and bronze trophies and medals.
  • · Debbie is now keen to share her knowledge from her experiences in the Australian National Unicycle Championships and the World Unicycle Championships with as many people in the NT as possible to encourage them to participate in the up and coming 2005 UniNats (Australian Unicycle Championships) to be held in Darwin from July 1 - July 4 2005
  • · The 3rd Australian Unicycle National Championships, held in Darwin, was a huge success and voted the best ever Australian championships to date. Over 60 unicyclists competed in a range of events from unicycle high jump and long jump to cross country, trials, artistic, track racing and unicycle hockey and basketball. Debbie and many of her students participated in the numerous events, had a wonderful time, and won numerous Australian medals.
  • · The world Unicycle Championships (Unicon 13) are in Switzerland in 2006 and the next Australian Unicycle Championships will be in Sydney in 2007. There are some very talented unicyclists here in Darwin and some of them should seriously consider competing in the world championships next year. Please contact Debbie if you wish to help sponsor a unicyclist/team of unicyclists from the Northern Territory..

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