February 2004
The NT Department of Employment, Education and Training has endorsed the school based programs run by Kidz Fun Biz. They encourage NT School Principals to explore the outcomes the programs can deliver for students.

Ken Davies
General Manager
School Services

“Kidz Fun Biz provide an excellent program particularly catering for the individual needs of children. They program to the NTCF and provide terrific resources that are teacher friendly and can be sustained within the school setting. Their approach is most professional and they are flexible in delviery. Kidz Fun Biz are Territory based and cater for students of all cultures. They make a point of skilling students to the point where many can instruct others. They build students self esteem and confidence and this has a real impact across the board. Their performance skills are of a high level and combined with their training of students usually results in a whole school performance where the whole school community is entertained”.
Moulden Park Primary School

“Staff and students benefited greatly from the energy and skills Kidz Fun Biz brought to our community and we look forward to having them back again next year”
Deputy Principal - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Port Keats




Stage 1:
Prop Development, First Steps (of skills development) & Sowing of Seeds
Two weeks prior to their visit to each community, Kidz Fun Biz will send procedural text, raw materials and instructional videos to the school to initiate the Sowing the Seeds Program.
  Students will gather recycled materials from their community and any bush resources required to make the circus props. Students will make costumes and props with teacher support and supervision.
  Utilising the ‘First Steps’ information sheets and videos, students will learn and practice basic circus skills techniques.
  Students will research fruit and vegetable growing and sow the seeds provided and establish a timetable for care and maintenance of the schools fruit/vegetables garden.

Stage 2: Circus Workshops & Tree Planting (1-3 day program)
  Kidz Fun Biz will visit each community to teach the students and teachers how to use the props they have made and how to use other specialised circus equipment.
  Routines will be choreographed and the culminating community performance coordinated by Kidz Fun Biz will emphasis the importance of cooperation, respect, goal setting, reward for effort and healthy eating and lifestyle habits.
  Kidz Fun Biz will present fruit trees to the school students for their fruit/vegetable care project. Preliminary discussions with the Agricultural department at Taminmin High School (Humpty Doo) suggest they are keen to support the Sowing the Seeds program by providing ongoing advice and information to communities to help them maintain a healthy and productive fruit/vegetable garden over a long term period. 

Stage 3: Continued skill development & crop harvesting
  During and after school teachers and community members will encourage students to continue practicing and developing their skills. Older students will be given the responsibility of sharing their skills with other youth in the community.
  Further community displays in the form of a school concerts or fundraisers will encourage continued interest from youth.
  Regular care and maintenance of the established fruit/vegetable garden will be continued by the students with guidance and support from teachers and other community members.


Stage 1
Prop development - procedural text will include how to make:
Juggling rings, clubs, balls, scarves, tricky sticks and toy horses.
Clown hats, clown costumes, lions, tigers or crocodiles and wallaby costumes
  First Steps -procedural text, publications and instructional videos will include how to:
juggle, model balloons,  face paint, unicycle, diabolo, spin hoops, use tricky sticks and perform club swinging.
  Sowing Seeds - different seeds and trees will be supplied to schools in the Alice region and Top End Region with respect to climatic difference but may include: paw paw, eggplant, tomatoes, beans, passionfruit, five corner fruit, jackfruit, bananas, orange trees, melons etc.

Stage 2
Circus workshop activities will include:
Club swinging, Juggling (scarves, balls, clubs), Tightwire walking (low), Unicycling, Modified-bike riding, Diabolo, Instructional videos, Plate spinning, Face painting, Balloon modeling, Tricky sticks, Visualisation & imaginative techniques.

Activities are designed to: improve hand/eye co-ordination; enhance dexterity and balance; develop motor skills; promote student co-operation; improve self-esteem, self-confidence and community awareness. The natural dexterity and hand/eye coordination of many children and the ease at which they are able to accomplish juggling and tightwire and other activities leads very quickly to increased self-confidence.

Older students are taught the most difficult skills throughout the program and are hence given responsibilities to assist and teach the younger students after completion of stage 2. This has a phenomenal effect on self confidence and pride of these young people within the community. It gives them responsibility that they are keen to have and at the same time they achieve an understanding of the difficulties that teachers face in certain circumstances. This is an invaluable learning process that will then assist teachers to develop better relations with the older students. This sowing the seeds program requires a combined teacher and student effort and has proven beneficial to improving staff interrelations as well as teacher and student relations.

The Sowing the Seeds program has predominantly been implemented within school terms however has enormous potential to be integrated into communities as a holiday program.
In essence, the aims, outcomes and benefits of the holiday program are the same as the school program (excluding the points referring to school attendance, curriculum and teachers insights). In fact the holiday program introduces all of the same concepts, ideas and activities as the school program. There are really only three distinct differences between the school program and the holiday program:

1) the holiday program does not actively teach additional curriculum requirements or require any additional participant research as is encouraged within the school program and subject to the efforts of the individual teachers involved

2) Stage 1 of the program, ‘Prop development’ is not initiated in the holiday program until Kidz Fun Biz arrive at the community. Kidz Fun Biz will bring with them (as apposed to send in advance) all of the raw materials and equipment necessary to develop props and will themselves demonstrate, coordinate and instruct participants on how to make their own circus props. Upon completion of prop development over a 2 day period, Kidz Fun Biz will then implement Stage 2 of the program, the ‘Circus Workshops’ over a 2-3 day period. The planting of the fruit trees will need to be coordinated by a local coordinator within each community and it will need to be decided if the trees will be planted at the recreation area or if the participants wish to present the trees to the school and plant them on the school grounds. The community performance will be an extra special event during the holiday period as it will provide a means of pulling the community together to share and appreciate each others skills and individuality.

3) During the holiday programs participants are obviously not in such easily defined groups as they are during school times ie. at schools we work with different ages by class denomination and enjoy the assistance of the individual class teachers and teacher aids. For this reason it is imperative that Kidz Fun Biz be allowed the best opportunity to implement the program successfully by ensuring ample supervision and assistance by enthusiastic adult helpers within each community throughout the entire period of the holiday program.


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