February 2004
The NT Department of Employment, Education and Training has endorsed the school based programs run by Kidz Fun Biz. They encourage NT School Principals to explore the outcomes the programs can deliver for students.

Ken Davies
General Manager
School Services

“Kidz Fun Biz provide an excellent program particularly catering for the individual needs of children. They program to the NTCF and provide terrific resources that are teacher friendly and can be sustained within the school setting. Their approach is most professional and they are flexible in delviery. Kidz Fun Biz are Territory based and cater for students of all cultures. They make a point of skilling students to the point where many can instruct others. They build students self esteem and confidence and this has a real impact across the board. Their performance skills are of a high level and combined with their training of students usually results in a whole school performance where the whole school community is entertained”.
Moulden Park Primary School

“Staff and students benefited greatly from the energy and skills Kidz Fun Biz brought to our community and we look forward to having them back again next year”
Deputy Principal - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Port Keats


“The final concert was a wonderful balance of skilled performance and student participation. Our students are normally very shy about public performance so staff were quite surprised at how eagerly the students participated.”
Deputy Principal - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Port Keats

“Superbly organised, superbly entertaining, educational and just oozing with many positive benefits for our students, staff, school and community. Highly recommended!”
Principal - Minyerri Primary School

Chantal ‘the Fairy’ and Miss Deb have become increasingly more involved with remote schools and communities. Their interraction with students,  workers and community leaders has become a source of vision and motivation.

Their desire to be a positive part of these communities, has been the inspiration for the development of a wholistic program designed to bring health, confidence, and self-actualisation to participants.

Their latest project is the Sowing the Seeds Tour which is the result of their move towards empowering ‘Edutainment’.

Have a look at what it’s all about...


Kidz Fun Biz Sowing the Seeds Program is an initiative born from the experiences of Chantal Munro and Debbie  Hyder with the support and input of many health and community officers, principals, teachers and teachers aids, community elders, and the young people themselves from a cross-section of the community at whom the  project will be targeted.

Debbie and Chantal are long term Territorians who are innovative in their industry of children’s entertainment. They have instigated and practiced the concept of education through entertainment within the Territory with outstanding results. Chantal and Debbie are well respected and much sought after in the entertainment industry. Their commitment to the Territory in which they live will see  them implement their Sowing Seeds initiative into Territory communities for the greater benefit of individuals, communities and the Territory as a whole.

Substance abuse, bullying , stealing and vandalism are social problems that require urgent attention in many of the Northern Territory’s remote communities. Boredom amongst youth due to lack of activities and limited resources is one commonly identified root of these problems. Health of indigenous Australians in communities also needs to be addressed. Numerous reports have publicly identified and quantified these social and health problems and it is now time to implement  solutions to rectify these well documented problems.

Kidz Fun Biz will help resolve these social and health problems by introducing and implementing the Sowing the Seeds Program to major remote Aboriginal  communities within the NT.  This program is a newly developed initiative that involves introducing predominantly primary aged school children in remote communities to fun, challenging and rewarding circus activities that: are beneficial for self development and self confidence; encourage a healthy lifestyle; promote cooperation and leadership; and develop inter and intra-cultural respect and friendships.

Similarly the program will also demonstrate and encourage the benefits of healthier eating and healthier lifestyle by delivering basic health information in a fun, practical, and memorable manner. A  fundamental aspect of this health education will be the initiation of an ongoing community health fruit tree planting and care project that will appeal to the Indigenous populations.

Prior to the implementation of the program, Territory Health Services, Community Nurses, Councils, Police and Schools will be consulted within each community to tailor the program to meet the specific requirements of individual  communities.

By delivering the program through schools to target youth of primary school age, this preventative program aims to promote resistance to peer pressure and reduce the risk of youth becoming  involved with substance abuse and other unhealthy and socially unacceptable activities as well as demonstrating the benefits of a healthier way of life before unhealthy lifestyle patterns emerge.

The Sowing the Seeds Program is an analogy for this aptly named program which introduces skills and ideas that can develop and grow with the continued support of each school and community for the long term benefit of the  community as a whole. Sowing the Seeds also refers directly to the planting of fruit tree seeds within the communities to establish a supplementary diet and encourage healthy eating.

The aims of the Sowing the Seeds program are to:
 rball reduce unsociable behaviour;
 rball increase health awareness; 
 rball decrease the rate of substance abuse;
 rball increase school attendance;
 rball complement and build on existing education programs
 to assist in fulfilling education content requirements.

The outcomes of the program include:
 rball increased self-confidence,
 rball perseverance and individual initiative;
 rball changes in behaviour towards healthier lifestyle habits;
 rball reduction in bullying and other unsociable behaviour coupled
 with greater cooperation in group and community activities;
 rball reduction in the rate of substance abuse;
 rball reduction in truancy; greater appreciation and respect for the effort,
safety and abilities of one’s self and others.

Program benefits include:
 rball decreased expenses associated with social problems;
 rball increased rate of education due to higher attendance;
 rball increased retention of educational information;
 rball healthier lifestyles within the communities; 
 rball desire to set and achieve realistic goals in other facets of life; 
 rball teachers will gain an insight into abilities of students in a non-textbook  environment; establishment of inter and intra-cultural respect and friendships.

For further details about the Sowing the Seeds Progam as a school program or as a holiday program go to:

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