Endorsed by The N.T. Road Safety Council this innovative educational theatre specifically targets lower primary aged students. Developed by internationally acclaimed Territorians Chantal The Fairy and The Amazing Miss Deb.

Touring Term 1, 2005
Week 6 - Week 10

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An outstanding feature of Kidz Fun Biz is the variety and versatility of shows they have on offer. Each show is made up of a different combination of comedy, singing, dancing, magic, music, games, and circus tricks, all intervowen into an original storyline, designed to captivate and inpire children.

Following are a sample of shows avaialable, but remember, Kidz Fun Biz can also tailor shows to meet your particular needs.

Spikes Gets Down & Dirty
Ranger Deb is a waste audit fanatic who invents a scientific formula to make everyone clean up Australia. This fails, and she realises that everyone needs to be responsible for their own rubbish. The audience is encouraged to join Spike the Echidna and re-use, recycle, compost and dispose of waste sensilbly.

The Road and Rail Safety Show
Traffic accidents are a major cause of MORE INFORMATIONdeath for children aged one to 14 years. Kidz Fun Biz in liaison with the NT Road Safety Council, have developed an educational and innovative Traffic awareness show. This show delivers serious information in a creative way. The Traffic Buster encourages children to consider vital safety issues from various viewpoints by involving them in imaginative theatre.

The Wonder Dog Spectacular
This dynamic dog show stars Candy the Wonder Dog and Dotty the Dalmatian. Whilst performing spectacular feats, the dogs inform and entertain children. They educate audiences on issues such as how to approach dogs safely and owner responsibility.

The Mini-Me Circus
The Amazing Miss Deb and Chantal ‘The Fairy’ are all it takes to create the most spectacular mini interactive circus.
Skills include mini trick-bike riding, juggling, diabolo, unicycling, plate spinning, rola-bola and magic. This is all combined with positive health and educational messages.

Fairies’ Crooked Tales
The wingless fairies learn to adapt to living with the big people in this magical show. When fairies go to school, story telling, colours, dance, counting, alphabet songs and magical illusion are all part of the school day. 

Double Vision
This is a very glamorous show featuring Miss Deb and her twin sister. The children are amazed as they see what appears to be one person  performing with her mirror image. The show incorporates juggling, unicycling and magic.

Magical Illusions Show

Chantal simply will not be left out, and wants a glamorous magic show like the twins. So she ropes Miss Deb into doing the act with her .... with very strange results.
With a wisp of Fairy dust and a puff of mystical smoke Chantal & Deb are transformed into ”Madam Loyal & Clune” - magicians extra ordinaire. This show is particularly popular with older children as they try to figure out just how it’s done. This is the only magic show that caters to children and adults using music and  comedy.

Before the big exodus to Queensland, these are some of the first shows the team performed.

Spike the Echidna, Susi the Crocodile and Joey the Kangaroo gather together to sing traditional Australian  songs and have adventures that lead to games galore. An Aboriginal dreamtime storyteller is invited and the characters act out the stories. Spike ends up in a toilet seat... The rest has to be booked to be seen!

Clowns & Calamity

Join Fizzy Bliss Bomb, Confetti the Clown and Ms Smartie Squid-features as they learn circus skills from the faboulous Miss Deb - with some disasterous (but always hilarious) results! Prepare yourself for an hour of solid circus fun with clowns, music, dance and even magic.

Fairies & Fables
One of the reasons I think this one is so popular with the boys is the special dynamics of the three fairy characters - the bamboozled Chantal the paint fairy, Hyper Fairy, and Sapphire the Sleep Fairy. With many magical tricks to play, it’s fun and fables, music and song!
Wherever I roam during the year, many boys quietly come up to me asking if I know Hyper or Sapphire. When I acknowledge that  I do, they generally whisper, “So do I.”

Country Cowbees

If Australians doing bad American accents annoys you, avoid this show. However, if you enjoy line dancing, tugs of war, games, dances and singing songs with the kids, then come along! You’ll enjoy an hour of fresh air and fun.

School Daze
With the fabulous Ms Peabody as a teacher, most kids think this school is fun. Subjects include Rock & Roll ABC, Show and Tell, Music and Games.
Join Shantie Day-Dreamer and Lindy-Loo Smartie-Pants as they learn to be friends. And look out for Ms Peabody when she lets her hair down and goes wild.

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